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Sunday, September 5, 2010

New items listed with more to come.

We are working hard this Halloween and today we've listed witch hats and a 31 piece prop set for Halloween. Last night we listed lavender and genuine lucky hands root.

Cement gargoyles will be listed today as well.

Stop on by to see us on Bonanzle!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Great Golly, Its the Great Pumpkin!

Hello all,

We've put the final nail into our eBay selling career coffin and closed our eBay store down for good and good riddance, but Bonanzle is another story entirely.

On Bonanzle, we've been greeted with open arms and have all ready had over 25 awesome sales and it's only picking up more speed.

Halloween is fast approaching, so we've listed a lot more items in gear for the fall season and have over 1100 items listed. Of course, as always, our items are on hand and ready to ship.

We've got costume accessories, supplies, decor, and trinkets and baubles. And we have lots of Pagan and Wiccan items on hand as well. We're working on putting some goody baskets together for Samhain and should be getting some more wands, runes, and wooden athames listed soon.

Thanks for dropping by and see our humble booth at